Screened as part of NZIFF 2002

A Dirty Story 1977

Une sale histoire

Directed by Jean Eustache

France In French with English subtitles
50 minutes 16mm



Jean Eustache. Based on a story by Jean-Noël Picq


Michel Cénet, Pierre Lhomme, Jacques Renard


Chantal Colomel


Michael Lonsdale
Jean Douchet
Jean-Noël Picq
Josée Yann
Jacques Burloux


"Eustache got his friend Jean Noël-Picq to sit down with a group of people and recount a strange episode in his life: how in the men’s room of a local restaurant, he found a hole in the wall and peered through, finding that he had a perfect view of the ladies’ room. He became a regular patron, and his daily dose of scopophilia turned into an
addiction until one day, with some relief, he found that the hole had been plastered over. Eustache ‘remade’ his own film in a scripted, 35mm version, with the critic Jean Douchet as the ‘director’ and Michael Lonsdale in the Picq role. One of the cinema’s great curiosities, A Dirty Story exerts a mysterious – and often uncomfortably voyeuristic – fascination." — Film Society of Lincoln Center