Screened as part of NZIFF 2006

Bubble 2005

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh shoots gripping true crime on high-def video in a small town near the Ohio-West Virginia border, proving he is one of America’s most restless and inventive filmmakers.

USA In English
73 minutes 35mm


Coleman Hough


Peter Andrews


Mary Ann Bernard


Dennis Towns


Robert Pollard


Debbie Doebereiner
Dustin James Ashley
Misty Dawn Wilkins
Omar Cowan
Laurie Lee
Kyle Smith


Venice, Toronto, New York, London 2005; Rotterdam 2006


“Traveling far from the soap-bubble glamour of Ocean’s Twelve, Steven Soderbergh proves himself, once again, to be among the most restless and inventive American filmmakers working today. Bubble, shot on high-definition video in a small town near the Ohio–West Virginia border, is a dour slice of realism with a lean, true-crime feel. Using a nonprofessional, local cast and a subtle, efficient script by Coleman Hough, Soderbergh constructs a tale of jealousy and claustrophobia involving three doll-factory workers… The movie is absorbing and unnerving, and represents an admirable attempt on Soderbergh’s part to shake off standard Hollywood clichés about provincial American life and use the movie camera to discover what – and who – is really out there.” — A.O. Scott, NY Times

“Completely gripping in its unassuming ordinariness… There is narrative nourishment here: a real story, from real life. And Soderbergh has given us a ringside seat. This is an exhilarating movie, and a triumph for this nimble and imaginative director.” — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian