Screened as part of NZIFF 2006

From the Outskirts of Nothing to the Suburbs of the Void 2006

Directed by Thomas Köner

A return visit from Thomas Köner, who accompanies his haunting video-cycle images of becalmed suburbia with a live music mix.

70 minutes


If you were there when Thomas Köner and yann beauvais presented their mesmerising Des Rives at the St James in 2001, you won’t need persuading to see and hear what Thomas Köner has been doing since. He has continued collaborating with filmmakers (see Jürgen Reble below), performing his scores commissioned to accompany early silent films by institutions such as the Louvre Auditorium or the Orsay Museum and working in the experimental electronics scene. But Köner has also made his own video works – to great acclaim. We’re delighted to welcome Thomas back, this time to perform his From the Outskirts of Nothing to the Suburbs of the Void, which is part of an ongoing video cycle in which his haunting images of becalmed suburbia are accompanied with a live mix. Polyphonic white noise and children’s voices intensify and deepen our experience of absence and emptiness. — Sandra Reid

“Köner creates breathing images. Acoustic and visual atmospheres blend over, comment upon, and interpret the almost static images.” — Christoph Metzger