Screened as part of NZIFF 2006

Princess 2006

Directed by Anders Morgenthaler

Stunningly violent, Danish animated, anti-porn revenge drama hot and fresh from Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. A clergyman turns Taxi Driver for a crusade against porn.

Denmark In Danish with English subtitles
80 minutes 35mm


Anders Morgenthaler
Mette Heeno


Kasper Tuxen Andersen


Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

Production designer

Rune Fisker

Animation directors

Kristjan Møller
Mads Juul


Mads Brauer
Casper Clausen


Thure Lindhart
Stine Fischer Christensen
Mira Hallund
Margrethe Koytu


Cannes (Directors’ Fortnight) 2006


This stunningly violent, Danish animated, anti-porn revenge drama comes to us hot and fresh from Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes. “Anders Morgenthaler is one angry cartoonist... His simple tale, written with Mette Heeno, has August, a clergyman, return home from missionary work following the death of his sister Christina, a porn star who goes by the name "The Princess," due to drug abuse. He spirits her 5-year-old daughter Mia away from her prostitute guardian to his sparsely furnished flat where he promises to nurture and protect her... August's crusade against porn quickly assumes the manic dimensions of Travis Bickle's rampage against pimps in Taxi Driver, a bloodlust that sweeps both him and Mia into a maelstrom of violence that reminds us of the proverb that he who seeks revenge becomes the first victim… Morgenthaler, who is 33, possesses a young man's anger and vehemence in his own crusade against porn. His images are stark and he is clearly unapologetic about taking such a strong point of view that shines through every image.” — Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter.