Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

“fps” 2007

Directed by Various

Using sound, image and text, these four ingenious live film explorations from Australia, New Zealand and the US redefine the frontiers of cinematic possibility. Presented at the majestic St James Theatre.


"fps" presents a feast of cinematic exploration at the majestic St James Theatre. Experience floods of seductive imagery and sonic vibrancy as the act of filmmaking comes alive, crawls off the screen and engulfs your senses! Curated by Sam Hamilton.

Abject Leader (Australia)
Bloodless Landscape, The Gospel According to Johnny's Ghost and Henri's Hallucinations across Time and Space
Sally Golding – celluloid, 16mm projectors, live manipulations; Joel Stern – concrete sounds, invented instruments, electronics.
These constructions of poetic and abstract hand-processed 16mm film are infused with improvised music and chaotic dissolutions of foley, sound effects and score. 

Loren Chasse (USA)
Rocks Will Open
Light and sound performance.
Utilising objects like motors, clocks and strobe lights with materials such as stones, branches, gravel, sand and leaves, Chasse creates an atmosphere of fantasy. 

Matthew Brennan (NZ)
Cardboard Cinema
Live audiovisual manipulation with an ensemble of local musicians.
In a work specially prepared for this programme, Brennan will orchestrate a multimedia film event with a live music ensemble. The musicians appear with virtual versions of themselves, but sampled, warped and spliced. 

Stella Brennan (NZ)
South Pacific
This new work plays with the links between technologies which make images from non-visual sources. Using medical ultrasound and text, South Pacific explores how the Second World War changed the perception of oceanic space, as well as the conflict's legacy in the region.