Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

Kissy Kissy 2007

Directed by Elric Kane, Alexander Greenhough

Eight Wellington 20-somethings are locked in an agonising merry-go-round of unexpressed lust and longing in Alexander Greenhough and Elric Kane's winning new feature.

130 minutes DigiBeta

Directors, Screenplay


Elric Kane


Alexander Greenhough


Stephen Gallagher


Andy Chappell
Brett Stanton
Dayton Lekner


Rob Jerram
Jean Copland
Tania Nolan
James Ashcroft
Daniel Northcott
Dick Whyte
Angela Green
Brooke Williams


Audiences will have no trouble relating to the strained relationships and sincere, unrequited longing at the heart of this engaging new feature from talented local filmmaking duo Elric Kane and Alexander Greenhough. Twenty-something Geoff is trying to make a film, but mostly he mooches in a video store and tries to rebuff the affections of his devoted co-worker Sally. He’d much rather hook up with his cinematographer Jackie, who has more than enough angst to contend with in bratty teenage sister Erin. Then there is Geoff’s lead actress, Alison – whose manipulative boyfriend Mark is a right royal pain in the ass – and lead actor, Dave, who scuppers the film project when he skips town to hang out with his old mate Lee in the Marlborough Sounds – a tense reunion if ever there was one. All eight are locked in an agonising merry-go-round of unexpressed lust and emotional turmoil that can only end in tears. What elevates Kissy above the usual exploration of 20-something angst is its insistence on telling the uncomfortable truth in a winning vérité style. — Bianca Zander