Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

Love Story 2006

Directed by Mike Kerry, Chris Hall

A frank yet celebratory behind-the-music documentary on cult American psychedelic rock group Love.

UK In English
110 minutes DigiBeta



Simon Robinson


Kim Gaster
Mark McBride
Joe Orr




Arthur Lee
Johnny Echols
Bryan MacLean
Kenny Forssi


London 2006


This British documentary takes a behind-the-music look at the American psychedelic rock group of the late 1960s, whose cult following and critical reputation far outweighs any success they enjoyed at the time. Love was led by Lon Angeles singer, songwriter and guitarist Arthur Lee who cut his teeth in early 60s R&B bands, before falling in love with the folk-rock sound of The Byrds. Recuiting Byrds roadie Bryan MacLean, he created one of America's first racially diverse American pop bands. Love imploded soon after releasing their highly-regarded third album Forever Changes, largely due to MacLean's heroine addiction. First-time directors and fans Mike Kelly and Chris Hall coax frank, sometimes bitter and bitchy interviews from Love's members, including charismatic front man Lee, who takes the filmmakers on a tour of Bela Lugosi's old Hollywood mansion, where the band once lived communally. Tragically, Lee, who spent time in prison during the 1990s, died of leukaemia in 2006, making this on of his final interviews.