Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

Retribution 2006


Directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Japan's foremost spookmeister Kurosawa Kiyoshi (Cure, Charisma, Pulse) expertly applies his brooding and atmospheric cinema of unease to this police procedural ghost story.

Japan In Japanese with English subtitles
104 minutes 35mm

Director, Screenplay


Ashizawa Akiko


Takahashi Nobuyuki


Haishima Kuniaki


Yakusho Koji
Konishi Manami
Ihara Tsuyoshi
Hirayama Hiroyuki
Odagiri Joe
Hazuki Riona


Venice 2006


Kurosawa Kiyoshi is Japan's foremost spookmeister (Cure, Charisma, Pulse) and he expertly applies his brooding and atmospheric cinema of unease to this contemporary ghost story housed in a police procedural about the death of a young woman in a red dress. Regular Kurosawa leading man, the always creased and weary Yakusho Koji, is the detective who discovers that the woman who appears to have drowned in a puddle of fresh water has a stomach full of seawater. Even more worrying is evidence that links him to the scene. Just when you think you're seeing predictable patterns of clichés, Kurosawa spins the narrative into Lynchian territory, with virtuoso story twists and revelations that keep coming until the final moments. Audiences expecting the ‘boo-school' of J-Horror à la The Grudge are likely to be disappointed, as Kurosawa is more concerned with building a measured sense of unease, culminating in some unbelievably powerful moments.