Screened as part of NZIFF 2007

The Planet 2006

Directed by Johan Söderberg, Michael Stenberg, Linus Torell

This visually stunning Swedish eco-documentary visits 25 countries to offer irrefutable evidence of global warming in the wider context of catastrophic changes to the natural environment.

Denmark / Norway / Sweden In English
84 minutes


Michael Stenberg
Linus Torell


Jan Röed


Johan Söderberg


David Österberg
Johan Söderberg


Amsterdam Documentary 2006


The Planet visits over 25 countries, including Kenya, India, Brazil, Spain, China and Greenland, to offer irrefutable first-hand evidence of global devastation. Even wildlife documentaries come under scrutiny for the false image they present of a pristine natural world, whereas in reality zebras graze next to smoking factories. Experts are on hand to provide hard facts and sobering predictions and conclude that if we continue to expand at our current rate, we will need five planet Earths to survive. Also, in an interesting twist, psychologists give voice to the fear and guilt underlying our common response of denial. Visually stunning and broader in scope than last year's smash hit An Inconvenient Truth, this Swedish eco-documentary tackles global warming in the wider context of catastrophic changes to the natural environment caused by relentless industrial progress and an exploding population. After watching this urgent, important documentary, the truth that planet Earth is a ticking time bomb is impossible to deny. — Bianca Zander