Screened as part of NZIFF 2008

Timecrimes 2007

Los cronocrímenes

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

"An incredibly well crafted time-travel story... a tense, unstoppable vision of science and natural law gone awry." — Fantastic Fest

Spain In Spanish with English subtitles
88 minutes DigiBeta

Director, Screenplay


Flavio Labiano


Jose Luis Romeu


Chucky Namanera


Karra Elejalde
Nacho Vigalondo
Candela Fernández


Fantastic Fest 2007; Sundance 2008


Best Film and Audience Award, Fantastic Fest 2007


Films involving plots cloaked in parallel universes, twin paradoxes and time loops operate in an absurd state of their own. How to review them without spoiling the surprises that lie ahead for an unsuspecting audience? One simple way is to ask if you enjoyed any of the following films: Memento, Primer or even Back to the Future; then, if yes, suggest you stop reading now and just go buy a ticket. The fun kicks in with Hector and his wife unpacking at their new house when odd things start to occur. First a strange phone call; then, while lounging outside with binoculars, he spies a topless woman in the nearby forest. Deciding to investigate, he is suddenly attacked by a mysterious bandaged figure. Escaping to a hilltop laboratory, he finds a bizarre contraption inside. Any more information will certainly spoil the thrills that await you inside Vigalondo's incredibly exuberant debut. You bought that ticket yet? — AT