Screened as part of NZIFF 2010

The Insatiable Moon 2010

Directed by Rosemary Riddell

Rawiri Paratene is the self-proclaimed Second Son of God needing a miracle to save his down-and-out friends from eviction in Mike and Rosemary Riddell’s heartfelt drama. With Sara Wiseman, Ian Mune, Greg Johnson.

Aotearoa New Zealand In English and Te reo Māori with English subtitles
100 minutes DigiBeta



Pip Piper
Mike Riddell
Rob Taylor


Mike Riddell


Thomas Burstyn


Paul Maxwell

Production designer

Brent Hargreaves

Costume designer

Chantelle Gerrard


Neville Copland


Rawiri Paratene (Arthur)
Sara Wiseman (Margaret)
Ian Mune (Norm)
Greg Johnson (Bob)
Mick Innes (John)
Jason Hoyte (Kevin)
Sophie Hakaraia (Karen)
Sarah Valentine (Penny)
Don Linden (Wal)
Lee Tuson (Pete)
Rob McCulley (Sandy)
Jimmy Vraniqi (Morrie)
John Leigh (Brian)
Bruce Phillips (Digby)

World Premiere

SkyCity Theatre, 17 July 2010


Down and out in Ponsonby doesn’t have the ring about it that it had 30 years ago, but The Insatiable Moon makes a colourful dramatic plea for the continued existence of halfway houses in a part of the city better known for curbside dining. A chance encounter between Sara Wiseman’s social worker and charismatic, barefooted self-proclaimed Second Son of God Arthur (Rawiri Paratene) entwines with the fate of the lodgers in a Ponsonby boarding house as real estate agents, TV current affairs, neighbourhood watch, health bureaucrats and a helpless vicar take sides around the underhand campaign to throw them out. Divine madness and down-to-earth compassion are at the heart of producer, and former Ponsonby minister, Mike Riddell’s script. Directed by his partner Rosemary Riddell, The Insatiable Moon’s splendid cast (including Ian Mune) endows the household of psychiatric patients and low-income tenants with individual gnarliness and touching esprit de corps. — BG