The Freezer
The Freezer

Screened as part of NZIFF 2003

Homegrown I 

74 minutes

An eclectic showcase of the latest shorts from local shores. This year’s crop highlights Kiwi contenders for international glory and ranges from absurd comedy to dystopian fantasy.

Turangawaewae (A Place to Stand) 2003


13 minutes

When one soldier dies, another takes his place. Wi Kuki Kaa delivers a poignant performance as a homeless man, confronting his memories of the Vietnam War. Critics’ Week, Cannes Film Festival 2003.

Kitty 2002


5 minutes

Late for a dinner date, an erratic motorist tries to prepare whilst navigating a winding hillside road. But disaster strikes as he careens off a cliff. As his car plummets into the abyss, the motorist has time to reflect on what happened. Too much time... This cunningly elaborated gag is the year's most invited-out New Zealand short film.

The Freezer 2002


11 minutes

A man, a boy, a Bedford van and a forgotten debt that leads them across the harbour to unearth a chilling secret. A stunning evocation of late 70s Northland.

Bouncers 2002


6 minutes

In the nightclubs and bars of the not-too-distant future, genetically engineered super-bouncers keep the ‘trash’ out and the ‘class’ in. Quirky claymation comedy.

From Where I’m Standing 2003

10 minutes

Tensions are rising on a wet afternoon, when a family of geese emerge in the neighbours yard. But what’s delightful for some is dinner for others.

Dot 2003

3 minutes

Minimalist dot patterns tease the eye in a crisp collision of sound and image. The first 35mm work from prolific media artists Kerr and Fogelberg.

Delores 2003


14 minutes

The biggest ‘fish story’ of them all. The sailors’ dream catch turns out to pack a potent stink. From the director of the fabulous Beautiful (Homegrown 2001). In Competition, Berlin Film Festival 2003.

13 Days Out 2002

12 minutes

Mad Max meets Utuin this post-apocalyptic revenge tale. On the thirteenth day, an ancient treaty is violated – with deadly consequences. Daring in subject matter and executed with flair.