Screened as part of NZIFF 2003

Mon Oncle 1958

Directed by Jacques Tati

France In French with English subtitles
112 minutes 35mm



Jacques Tati
Jacques Lagrange
Jean L’Hôte


Jean Bourgoin


Suzanne Baron


Alain Romans
Franck Barcellini


Jacques Tati
Jean-Pierre Zola
Adrienne Servantie
Alain Bécourt


“Young Gerard Arpel feels alienated and constricted in his parents’ house, in which ingenious modern gadgets replace human effort and precision scheduling passes for interaction. Therefore he loves to spend time with his Uncle Hulot (Tati), whose home resembles a nest at the top of a ramshackle old house in a lively, impoverished quarter of the city. Much of the humor of this delicately timed comedy comes from the relationship of these two innocents to the house itself, which functions like a frighteningly beautiful and entirely superfluous machine. A highlight of the film is the garden party thrown by the Arpels in a last-ditch attempt to distract Uncle with a lady friend and thereby gain back their son’s attention; here minimal dialogue combines with maximum sound effects, brilliant color photography and choreographed movements to create a futuristic Fifties fantasy.” — Pacific Film Archive 

“Insane gadgets slam and roar, high heels click like metronomes, and even a depressed daschund in a tartan overcoat obligingly submits to Tati’s meticulous direction.” — Time Out