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12:08 East of Bucharest

A fost sau n-a fost?

Corneliu Porumboiu

Two unlikely guests are invited to recall their moments of revolutionary glory on a small-town TV station. Romanian director’s sardonic take on heroism won the Camera d’Or at Cannes this year.

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

Moartea domnului Lazarescu

Cristi Puiu

Mesmerising, suspenseful, darkly funny, shrewdly humane and spiritually challenging drama about a 63-year-old drunk trying to get the medical attention he’s convinced he needs. We mean it! A masterpiece.

Tertium non datur

Lucian Pintilie

Romanian WWII tale from absurdist Lucian Pintilie (The Oak) told with bite and acidic flair as Romanians confront German officers in a commandeered schoolhouse toward the end of WWII.