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Alexander Sokurov

The great Alexander Sokurov (Russian Ark, Mother and Son) has made an eloquent anti-war film in which not a shot is fired. "Dream-like... a timely and humane film." — Sight and Sound

Animation for Kids 2008

Animated short films from around the world to spark the imaginations of our youngest audience. This year's selection is best suited to children aged 5-7.

The Banishment


Andrey Zvyagintsev

A family tragedy told with incredible visual power by the Russian director of The Return. Best Actor Award, Cannes, 2007. "Truly something to see." — Time



Sergei Loznitsa

This staggering record of the 900-day siege of Leningrad is compiled from phenomenal footage found in Moscow's archives. "Eerie and powerful." — Time Out NY

Cargo 200

Gruz 200

Alexi Balabanov

The end of the Soviet Union is the ultimate horror show in this brilliantly grotesque film from the director of Brother. "A superbly-acted, finely-directed, vision of hell." — Time Out


Sergei Bodrov

The legend of Genghis Khan comes to life in the festival's most lavish spectacle, an old-fashioned, giant-screen-filling epic that's both rip-roaring and romantic.



Sergei Loznitsa

This handsomely presented compilation of immaculately preserved 50s and 60s Soviet propaganda films offers unique insights into the mindset of a lost time and place.