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Ashes of Time Redux

Dung che sai duk

Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung and a who's-who of Hong Kong cinema in a ravishing restored version of Wong Kar-wai's desert swordsman classic, freshly unveiled at Cannes this year.

The Elephant and the Sea

Woo Ming-Jin

Malaise in the tropics is dramatised with dry absurdist wit and wicked eye for the surreal in this gorgeously shot drama from Malaysia. "Brilliant." — Variety



Edward Yang

In Yang's ferocious satire a young French girl adrift in Taipei descends into a twilight world of petty criminals, con-men, kidnappers and killers.


Man jeuk

Johnnie To

A seductive tale of a gang pf hyper-stylish pickpockets and the femme fatale who takes them on, from Hong Kong's genre-twisting Johnnie To (Election, Exiled). Starring Simon Yam, Kelly Lin.