Films by Genre


25 Carat

25 kilates

Patxi Amezcua

A gritty romantic thriller set on the mean streets and alleys of Barcelona, 25 Carat delivers classic, character-driven pulp fiction. “The real thing… down-to-earth, wiry and taut.” — Variety


Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani

“Emotionally mesmerizing. Set in the multiethnic city of Jaffa, this Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film is like an Israeli Amores Perros crossed with City of God.” — Entertainment Weekly

Animal Kingdom

David Michôd

The best Australian badass movie since Chopper, David Michôd’s Sundance winner shows us a violent Melbourne crime family imploding in the iron grip of its pint-sized matriarch. With Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver.

Cell 211

Celda 211

Daniel Monzón

A rookie prison guard finds himself trapped on the wrong side of a riot in this powerhouse prison drama that cleaned up at the Spanish Academy Awards. “Satisfyingly intense and suitably incendiary.” — Variety

The Double Hour

La doppia ora

Giuseppe Capotondi

A pretty Slovenian chambermaid joins a speed-dating club, meets a handsome security guard – and is mysteriously implicated in a crime she can’t remember in this cunningly plotted Italian psychological thriller.

The Killer Inside Me

Michael Winterbottom

Casey Affleck turns in a chilling performance as a psychopathic sheriff in Michael Winterbottom’s violent country noir, adapted from the Jim Thompson novel. “An entertaining and brilliant psychological portrait.” — Interview

A Somewhat Gentle Man

En ganske snill mann

Hans Petter Moland

Dry Nordic humour is at its most diabolically deadpan in this cool comedy thriller which pitches an ex-con (Stellan Skarsgård) aiming to lead a quiet, simple life into a deadbeat world determined to thwart his every effort.

The Two Escobars

Michael Zimbalist, Jeff Zimbalist

Documenting the entwined lives of soccer hero Andrés Escobar and notorious drug baron Pablo Escobar (no relation), this film uncovers Colombian soccer’s Faustian pact with the drug trade.