Screened as part of Autumn Events 2016

Tickled 2016

Directed by David Farrier, Dylan Reeve

An online invitation to a tickling contest proves a portal to the dark side for Kiwi journalist David Farrier and director Dylan Reeve in their alarming, so-bizarre-you-could-not-make-it-up doco.

92 minutes DCP


Carthew Neal


Dominic Fryer


Simon Coldrick


Rodi Kirkcaldy
Florian Zwietnig


David Farrier
Dylan Reeve


Sundance 2016


Filmmakers David Farrier and Dylan Reeve will introduce the screening of their film.


When pop-culture journalist David Farrier came across a website seeking young men to travel to Los Angeles to participate in endurance tickling competitions, he sensed a good story for TV3’s Newsworthy. He didn’t know he’d just bought himself a fight with a clutch of “bullies with too much money.” That fight and the investigation it provoked make for gripping viewing in his remarkably deft debut feature film, co-directed with Dylan Reeve. The left-field hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Tickled is poised for international release later in the year. We are beyond tickled to celebrate its success with this New Zealand Premiere screening at the Mighty Civic.

“Captivating and jaw-dropping… Farrier’s dry Kiwi humour infuses the proceedings with a relaxed energy that somehow makes the underlying tension all the more effective.” —  Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter