Films by Country


Animation Now 2007

Drawn from a record 2,200 submissions, this diverse selection of 15 short animations from France, South Africa, Taiwan and beyond showcases an incredible swirl of styles, techniques and genres.

Black Book


Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven's brash, provocative tale of a sexy Jewish singer who seduces the head of the Dutch Gestapo is also a bold, wilfully irreverent and morally complex film about the Holocaust.

Comrades in Dreams

Uli Gaulke

This documentary valentine to the pleasures of cinema looks at four independent theatre owners in very different parts of the world who dedicate their lives to showing films.

Con Man Confidential

Die Hochstapler

Alexander Adolph

This entertaining and disquieting encounter with four master con men never resorts to sensationalism, although the outrageous acts they divulge are astounding.

Death at a Funeral

Frank Oz

Frank Oz (The Stepford Wives) changes direction with a riotous British comedy about a man (Matthew Macfadyen) who returns home for his father's funeral, only to face a madhouse.

The Digital Space 2007

Surreal, awe-inspiring, innovative missives from the world of digital animation, selected to showcase the detail, depth of field and full resonant sound that only a cinema can deliver.

The Edge of Heaven

Fatih Akin

Turkish-German director Fatih Akin's (Head-On) masterful new film tracks the emotional arcs of six people – four Turks and two Germans – as they criss-cross through love, tragedy and borders.

Four Minutes

Chris Kraus

A feisty Prussian spinster who teaches piano to prison inmates is drawn to a convicted murderer who was once a musical prodigy in this surprising, compelling and often electrifying human drama.

How to Cook Your Life

Doris Dörrie

Inspiring, entertaining doco on Zen priest and holistic chef Edward Espe Brown, who imparts philosophy, along with cooking advice, to an adoring group of devotees.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Tom Tykwer

Faithful, opulent and visceral adaptation of Patrick Süskind's bestselling tale of an obsessive parfumier on a murderous quest in 18th-century France. Directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run).


Christopher Smith

Brit director Christopher Smith follows Creep with this horror-comedy about a group of office workers on a team building exercise in Hungary who are hunted by unidentified backwoods maniacs.

Suely in the Sky

O Céu de Suely

Karim Aïnouz

Karim Aïnouz follows his dynamic debut Madame Satã with the subtle, sensitive story of a young mother just trying to get by when she returns to her small home town from bustling São Paulo.

The Unpolished

Die Unerzogenen

Pia Marais

The perils of growing up bohemian are wryly explored in this German feature about a 14-year-old girl who rebels against her parents' chaotic lifestyle of free love and destructive excess.