Films by Country

The Netherlands

Animation Now 2007

Drawn from a record 2,200 submissions, this diverse selection of 15 short animations from France, South Africa, Taiwan and beyond showcases an incredible swirl of styles, techniques and genres.

Black Book


Paul Verhoeven

Paul Verhoeven's brash, provocative tale of a sexy Jewish singer who seduces the head of the Dutch Gestapo is also a bold, wilfully irreverent and morally complex film about the Holocaust.

Death at a Funeral

Frank Oz

Frank Oz (The Stepford Wives) changes direction with a riotous British comedy about a man (Matthew Macfadyen) who returns home for his father's funeral, only to face a madhouse.

The Digital Space 2007

Surreal, awe-inspiring, innovative missives from the world of digital animation, selected to showcase the detail, depth of field and full resonant sound that only a cinema can deliver.


Heddy Honigmann

Heddy Honigmann's (Dame la Mano) mesmerising tour of artists' graves in Paris' Père-Lachaise cemetery eschews morbidity for a moving celebration of art and the human spirit.

Looking for an Icon

Hans Pool, Maaik Krijgsman

Made to honour the 50th anniversary of the World Press Photo of the Year, this doco tells the story behind four iconic images – of the Vietnam War, Salvador Allende, Tiananmen Square and the Gulf War.


Nanouk Leopold

An austere Dutch drama, punctuated by black comedy, which dissects emotional denial and dysfunctional family dynamics in the wake of a grandfather's announcement that he is going to end his life.