Films by Country


The House of Radio

La Maison de la Radio

Nicolas Philibert

Nicolas Philibert’s funny, affectionate doco about dedicated individuals at work in Paris’s massive Maison de la Radio is an audio-visual hymn to broadcasting artistry, and a resounding endorsement of French public service radio.

Lesson of the Evil

Aku no kyôten

Miike Takashi

An astounding return to exploitation from Miike Takashi, one of the world’s most prolific and diverse directors (Ichi the Killer, Visitor Q), with a wickedly gruesome tale of high school evil.

Like Father, Like Son

Soshite chichi ni naru

Kore-eda Hirokazu

This beguiling family drama by Japan’s gentle master of the genre Kore-eda Hirokazu (I Wish, Nobody Knows) won the Jury Prize at Cannes this year.

Like Someone in Love

Abbas Kiarostami

Iranian maestro Kiarostami (Certified Copy) proves uncannily at home in Tokyo. His tantalising drama of uneasy romantic illusions explores the encounter of a young student and the elderly professor who pays for her company.

Outrage Beyond

Autoreiji Biyondo

Kitano Takeshi

A welcome return to form for Kitano Takeshi, Japan’s deadpan maestro of yakuza payback. “Extremely satisfying... Ultra-sparse, tough as nails, and wavering between droll and laugh-out-loud funny.” — Cinema Scope

A Touch of Sin

Tian zhu ding

Jia Zhang-ke

Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke’s shocking new film draws on spectacular true-crime stories. The oblique observer of how societal change impacts individual lives (Still Life, The World) now confronts contemporary violence head-on.